S c r o l l  d o w n  f o r  t h e  p i c t u r e s 
Zouweboezem - May 17, 2020
This weekend we visited de Zouweboezem. A place we’d never been before, it was Kevins’ mom (Bianca) who took us there! On our way there we already saw different photographers with big zoom lenses, so we were very curious about what all the commotion was about. When we arrived we almost immediately heard and saw a wren, such a funny bird with its straight tail! There is a large land full of reed where various birds are present, among which the black tern, the blue tit (we saw it again!), the savi’s warbler, the reed bunting and the sedge warbler. When continuing our hike we encountered some cows (not sure which species), but it was nice to see them. It was a very sunny day, perfect for a walk, but the lighting wasn’t too good for photographing. Yep, during these times it’s best to take your pictures early in the morning or when the sun is going down. One bird didn’t seem afraid, we could approach it and make pictures. The chiffchaff was very busy searching little flies to eat immediately. We saw it catching and eating flies, but sadly enough we didn’t manage to make a picture of this action. Also, at a certain point, somewhere in the beginning of our trip, I decided to change the zoomlens for our wide angle lens (16-35 mm) to practice with this lens. We really use it way too little. Check out the pictures we took with this lens! Pretty different then our normal ‘work’.
Hope you enjoyed reading!
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